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Humble Beginnings.

Trill Crowd LLC. is a fresh brand that specializes in: Photography, Graphic/Web Design, Event Coordination, & Marketing. It was created in 2013 by Darrell L. Balfour on the campus of Ball State University, in Muncie, IN. It started as just a group of friends throwing parties and selling custom-made t-shirts locally. Eventually Darrell built a website for the shirts, and the popularity of the Trill Crowd brand began to grow. Soon, the were known for their signature "Ball So Hard University" t-shirts, crop tops, and tank tops. Started on the BSU campus, available for students to order in person, or online.

Fall semester of 2014, Trill Crowd and some affiliates decided to bring rapper Juicy J to perform at the school during homecoming week. The newly designed "Ball So Hard" shirts quickly started to become the selected shirt to wear by everyone who planned on attending the concert. Trill Crowd and the whole "Ball So Hard" movement began to get a huge buzz across all social media platforms, even people out of state wanted the shirts simply because it was visually appealing. So much buzz in fact, that Trill Crowd was contacted by NFL player Terrell Suggs of the Baltimore Ravens. He expressed his frustrations about Trill Crowd earning so much money off a slogan he claimed to have copyrights to. He suggested Trill Crowd cease all sells of the merchandise, to avoid any legal actions. After a thorough search, it seemed as if Terrell Suggs did in fact own a clothing line named "Ball So Hard University." So needless to say, Trill Crowd stopped selling the merchandise, but the damage was already done, so it wasn't that big of a blow.

The concert was a success, most of the people in attendance had their shirts, everything was good...and still is.

Now Trill Crowd is really focused on photography, just as much as the other services we provide. Now based in Atlanta, GA we plan on continuing to grow and establish ourselves in the culture. We're fairly new to the whole photography thing, but we're definitely building a name for ourselves in the game. Getting contacted every day for shoots or collaborations, we're definitely on our way. Link up!



270 Cobb Parkway South Suite 140-101 Marietta, GA 30060

All images on this website were taken and owned by the photographers of Trill Crowd LLC.